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Head Lice Examination


Head Lice Removal
First Hour $125
$100 per Hour (avg 2 hrs)
Terminator Lice Comb Included
$25.00 Mileage Charge

Head Lice Home Removal


Head Lice Removal
First Hour $125
$100 per Hour (avg 2 hrs)
Terminator Lice Comb Included
One Free Head Check

Head Lice Freedom


of Lice Treatment
This certificate lets your child's
school know they were treated

The No Nits Value

Other companies charge $350-$400. Doctors visits can run even higher and the prescription formulas are often not effective the first time. In fact, most families that contract lice have them for months because they use over-the-counter shampoos and prescription formulas without a successful outcome. We take away the stress and do the work correctly the first time. Remember our lice treatment is guaranteed!

Target and Destroy

Our experienced staff gets the job done fast and with great accuracy. We know how and where to target lice getting rid of them with the least discomfort and stress to you or your child. In addition we know the best lice treatment methods to get rid of lice in a household. When families use ineffective over-the-counter shampoos and prescription formulas without success, they must do hours of laundry and vacuuming over again. Save your family the stress and cost of multiple treatments; give NoNits a call today.

It is our mission to provide professional, discreet, safe and affordable lice removal for everyone!

NoNits Lice Removal Service offers a discount price for proven effective lice removal. Our staff has over 30 years of experience with lice removal in a clinical setting. Traditionally prescribed medicated shampoos and over the counter lice treatments are often ineffective, and require repeated treatments. Much of this is due to lice becoming immune to the pesticides these products use. This need for repeated treatments is the cause of great discomfort, stress, and cost. No Nits Lice Removal professionals are quick and effective the first time. In addition, our proven effective lice removal system requires no pesticides or harmful chemicals. NoNits also offers free certificates of lice treatment to give your child’s school. Whether you are a parent in need of lice removal for you and your child, or a school administrator interested in preventing an epidemic, NoNits professionals are your answer.

No Nits Lice Removal Service

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