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Why do so many schools have a no-nit policy?

The “No nit policy” is a head lice treatment policy recommended by health authorities in the USA, Canada and Australia to assist in the elimination of "head lice infestation". It means any child with nits is excluded from school until the school nurse or caregiver finds the child no longer has lice or eggs, and has a certificate of lice treatment. This may seem harsh to some, but it is thought necessary to protect the health and wellbeing of other students and their families. In addition large infestations cause far more school absences than simply taking care of the issue from the start.

The “Live bug only” policy allows a student to return to class whether they have lice or not so long as people cannot see lice on the child’s head. The trouble is lice actively stay out of the light and camouflage well in hair. In addition, the child could have eggs and no bugs at the time. Lice are often very difficult to detect without a professional inspection. NoNits not surprisingly recommends the “No nit policy”. NoNits Lice Removal Service specializes in head lice removal and offers free lice treatment certificates.