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About Us

NoNits is a new business, with an experienced team, offering a competitive price for lice removal. Our staff has over 30 years of experience with lice removal in a clinical setting. Having observed that traditionally prescribed medicated shampoos and over the counter remedies were so often ineffective, No Nits Lice Removal Service was founded in an effort to provide an affordable, effective service for lice removal. We are not only one of the most affordable lice removal services; we are also highly effective and guaranteed. No Nits never scrimps on quality or accuracy. Our well trained and well screened staff is waiting to show you our expertise!

Our service includes a 30 day guarantee if you follow the protocol and find more eggs or lice. If we are called out and find no nits or lice there is a $40 trip charge. This mistake can happen if the person has dandruff but we will tell you how to tell the difference.

NoNits founder Dixie Wilson was born and raised in the California Central Valley. She obtained her business degree after having a successful career in the medical field for over 25 years. Dixie has had an interest in natural medicine for some time. She enjoys working with the public and has done patient care for 30 years. Over time Dixie noticed that the medically prescribed shampoos and over the counter remedies for lice removal were not effective; people often required repeated treatments. This was the cause of great discomfort and stress. Much of this was due to lice becoming immune to the chemicals and pesticides used. With this in mind Dixie decided to create a treatment free of harmful chemicals that was proven effective. This need for effective treatment has grown a great deal with over-sized classrooms and larger school populations; there are new outbreaks of lice in the United States every week. NoNits was created to take on this challenge. Whether you are a parent in need of treatment for you or your child, or a school administrator interested in preventing an epidemic, NoNits professionals are your answer.